Monday, November 23, 2009

My Rudra Bhai Needs To Change

Monday morning blues seems to have struck me as well and I am not yet ready to get out from my bed. I guess part of the reason lies in it being an unusually cold morning after an extremely hectic weekend that started with a Friday night show of newly released movie "Kurbaan"- high on reviews and claims but low on the idea; can safely be called as watered down version of NewYork. Movie got over at around 2 in the morning. It took my mom long to convince me to go into sleep. Despite that, I was the first one to get out of bed next morning; mom and papa had no option but to follow me as well.....

My mom, then took me and my Rudra bhai out to the neighborhood park- well it amazes me that they have discovered this park towards the fag end of our stay in this rented house- we are set to vacate this on 1st December. The park falls bang opposite this house and I don't remember going to this park ever in more than a year. I guess they are realising the importance of this park now when they know that it won't be staring on their face anymore post 1st December- but then better late then never.

In the evening, I went out with my parents to the market. My papa was scheduled to meet the builder of our own apartment, so he dropped us at the nearby shopping mall before heading for his meeting. Both, me and my mom walked our way through the length and breadth of the Metropolitan Mall- my mom had a tough time managing me. I was wearing my magenta coloured trousers and white sweater with ankle high shoes and a purple coloured broach- sadly they forgot to click any picture. I was at my smiling best, which would attract lot of people to me- and most of them would pinch or tap my cheeks. Soon, my cheeks turned red which led my mom to compare me with a cartoon movie character; but I knew that she wasn't right- else how would you explain so many people calling me "cutie baby" in that mall? Later, we took a rikshaw to JMD Square as my papa was about to finish his meeting. You know my mom never misses any chance to take a rikshaw as I love riding it.

As soon as we reached home, my papa wore his chef hat (not literally though)and cooked some delicious non-veg dishes- Chicken Curry and Fried Masala Liver ...... Sandeep chacha and Pallavi chacha joined us for dinner. By the time, we wrapped up our day, it was already 12.

Again, I was the first one to get up on Sunday morning. As we were scheduled to go to Chetan uncle's place for lunch; our park visit didn't last longer. When we were coming back, we saw a tractor parked outside our home. My papa requested him to let him try his hands on the tractor. Next moment, my papa was on the wheels with me and my Rudra bhai seated on the side chairs.......Unlike me, my Rudra bhai is no adventure freak and started crying. Amusing it was; as his one year younger sister was smiling at his face. My papa had no option but to stop it after driving for few hundred meters.

Later, we drove down to Chetan uncle's place. It was good to meet Tanmaya and Tanvii didi. You know Tanmaya is an extremely naughty child- you got to see it to believe it. We had our own share of tussle over riding his bike but then Tanvi didi's intervention helped me and I could also ride it. We had lot of fun for close to 4 hours.

Chetan uncle was right when he said that after meeting naughty Tanmaya; I should hug my Rudra bhai to tell him that I was so wrong with him...... Oh! he is such an obedient child that he ends up being bullied by me.....I think he has made me complacent......I need some competition at home; time for him to pick some naughty tricks and acts!

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