Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Command Is My Wish

Mom/Papa talking to me- Mitthee (if it’s my mom) and Chutku (if it’s my papa) where is my phone?
Me- Will pick up the phones and hand them over to them; I don’t goof up on phones as I know which one belongs to whom....
Mom- Mitthee, where is money?
Me- I go and pick up that ten rupee note, even when there are 5 different things lying nearby.....Oh, I can do this with comb, shoes, socks, glass, bottle, spoon etc. as well.
Mom- Mitthee, where is your shadow?
Me- Bending down on my knees I search for it and touch it on the ground......Even change in the direction of light is not enough to confuse me....
Papa- Chutku, where is moon?
Me- Raising my one finger, I point towards sky for the moon.......
Papa- Chutku, go and close the door....
Me- Gets down from bed, walk upto the door and bang it goes with full on my face announces the closure the door....
Papa- Chutku, where are your eyes and nose?
Me- I touch both one by one and my smile says the rest......
Mom- Mitthee, where is your Bhai?
Me- Walk upto the stairs, move my head approximately 45 degrees; holding the staircase I shout his name......two-three more name-shouts and bhai emerges on the scene from smile announces his arrival.
Mom- Mitthee, go and sleep....
Me- Crawls upto the pillow; putting down my head, I lie down flat, close my eyes- I am off to sleep.......Half a minute later, I open my one eye to see if anyone watching me sleep....
Mom- Mitthee, go and play “hide and seek” with bhai
Me- Walking up to the nearby window, I wrap myself around the curtain to hide from my bhai....

With 2 sub-two year olds sharing same roof, you can learn fairly quick as evident from above. My Rudra bhai deserves to be credited for whatever new things I am learning......he makes it look so easy, you know!

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