Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Giving Back

I consider myself lucky to have a full-time working mom by my side through the day; thanks to my mom’s company and her boss, both of whom were kind enough to allow her to work from home.

Before I proceed any further, let me tell you a little about my mom’s work as I don’t think I have ever done that. Well, my mom works as a Software Engineer for an American software company out of Gurgaon taking care of telephony and contact centre system support and development. Unlike my father; my mom is a much devoted employee and can be seen working at even 2 in the morning, if there is some work.

For past days, her workplace has shifted as she is spending major part of her day in her office trying to resurrect her dead computer, after it caved in a couple of days back. It is highly ironic that although she works on cutting edge technologies, the computer that she uses is of archaic era- heavy and ugly looking Compaq. Who cares, as long as it enables my mom to discharge her work related duties. And, the good news is that it now will as it is back to life; again- 3rd time in last three years.

But, this post is not about dead computers; rather it is about giving back.......something my mom felt after her return from work. She was expecting me to run towards her and cry.......she was expecting me to lap her up................she was expecting me to give her a bear hug; so on and so forth.......Instead, she got a cold shoulder from me; no eye to eye contact, no smiles and no hugs for sure........Oh! She was feeling ignored; but that is how I was intending to make her feel. She got the taste of what I had felt through the day-ignored!

She did express her feelings to my papa and he remarked-“she is giving it back to you”....... But for my inability to speak as yet, I would have said- "Yes, I am".

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