Friday, November 20, 2009

A New Cycle & A Truce

When you have two happy-go-lucky kids sharing great camaraderie, love and affection inside four walls; all you can do to disturb that equilibrium is to throw in a new gadget in between and wait for the results......Striking it might seem as everything goes for the toss and becomes history and all you are left with is shrieks, screams, cries, bouts.......

My Shikha chachee bought Rudra bhai a cycle yesterday and our tussles hasn’t stopped ever since then. He was laying his sole claims on the bike whereas I wasn’t at all ready to accept it. With great grit and determination, I managed to dethrone him from his seat........

Initially he took it lightly, to come back soon with vengeance......a truce was brokered and equilibrium was restored......The golden rule of our truce is that we will take turns to sit in front atop bhai’s cycle with other one seated on the back.....and here is the pose for the camera...

Like that legendary Indo-Pak conflict, we are back at it again....fighting, truce conditions have already gone for the toss!

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