Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did I say I am one? Yes I am one!

For last few days or perhaps weeks, I have been talking more in terms of videos and pictures..... Today, I am going to change that with this post by resisting all the temptations to let the video and pictures do all the talking.......!

You know I have come a long way in past 12 months. A cell, that I was more than a year back has not only grown in life but in size and acts as well. The hope and dream, that I was is a reality now, fuelling more dreams, hopes and aspirations. A touch, that everyone was longing for, is available at will.

Gone are the days when I used to wait for others to lift me to take me to different places/things; I walk on my own.....gone are the days when I used to wait for others to understand my implied needs, I express them in words and actions......gone are the days when only touch I knew of was that of my mom, I can differentiate..........gone are the days when I used to wake up hearing door open, I open it myself......gone are the days when I used to count my age in terms of days and months, I count it in years....... I am one! Yes I am one!

I can talk, I can walk.....I can speak, I can shriek.......I can dance....I am an infectious smile.....I am a soothing touch....I am a resonating voice.....I am a visual delight.......I am Reveda- a beloved grand-daughter, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend! And, I am loving it!

Did I say I am one? Yes I am one!

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