Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Me Shoplifting??? Naah.....

I was recently threatened by my mom that she will not take me to the market again! My fault? That, I walked in to a chemist shop only to walk out with Johnson's baby cream in my hand. My mom rated this as shop-lifting and was naturally furious at me; whereas I feel that it was nothing but the result of me feeling at home in that shop.You know, we frequently visit that shop to buy our medicine stuff and every time I enter inside, the owner uncle smiles at me talks to me thus making me feel at home. So, I don't know what was in it for my mom to be so furious at me? All I did at that shop was what I do at my home many times during the day..........

Perhaps, I would get to know the real meaning only when I will grow up. But for the time being, I enjoy lifting stuff and will continue to do so. You better keep a watch over me!

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