Tuesday, March 17, 2009

13th March-Now & Then!

My mummy and papa reversed their yesterday’s roles; mom stayed at home while papa joined office after a gap of three days but not before spreading his throat infection to my dadee..........Unlike previous days I was awake for the better part of the day. But the lack of sleep would not deter me from leaving my papa stunned in the evening- “I was lying by him on the sofa when he saw me elegantly holding the frills of my lemon yellow skirt with my two fingers while my other hand was busy adjusting the lowers......my sheer elegance took him completely by surprise and all he could do was to ask for a dekko by my mom and dadee........

Looking him happy and surprised, I began to wonder about the situation exactly an year ago - 13th March 2008 to be precise; what I come across is an altogether different picture......My stunned mummy and papa of today were a scared set of expectant parents then .........Reason??? Ultrasound scans report of the previous day had revealed that “my growth is not up to the mark and the worst can only be ruled out with another scan after 10-12 days”. Hearing doctor say this was enough to fizzle out the excitement that took them to his clinic post discovery of my existence; and they would not sleep for next 12 days until my next scans are out.......Come 24th March; not only would I make up for the deficiency in the growth but moved ahead too........From that day onwards until my delivery, I never gave them any reason to feel worried........Scanned films of my next five scans prove it.......don’t they? And this is what that tiny cell has become now!

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