Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiny Life Cell & The Big Bang

My nearly 5-month old journey from the world of unknown into the world of known is no different than Big-bang. What began as a small cell at some finite point of time continues to expand taking me into territories unknown to me.

Until sometime back, the only constituent of my world used to be my family members through their touch, voice or sight; a gear that would help me move from one emotion to another in a course of few seconds; they still do that. But just as you need more than one gear to fully enjoy the car, I too am beginning to ask and do more to enjoy the life that almighty has bestowed on me -Moving from one corner of bed to other, imitating a sound, responding to a smile, or simply a desire to touch or hold- a not so infinite list of things; but a list that continues to expand on a daily basis.

The most profound of the above list is the desire to touch or hold. All along these five months I experienced it in so many forms-whether it was my mom feeding me or running her fingers on my face, my dadee massaging me or giving me bath, my dada putting me on to sleep, my papa holding me or those innumerable soft pecks on my cheeks or fingers etc. But, now is my turn to give it back to them as I run my soft and tender fingers on their cheeks whenever they lie by my side or gently hold their arms when being held. The more I do it the more they crave for it.

But what surprises my family most is my desire to touch and hold the objects lying around it newspaper or a soft toy or a piece of cloth, I desire everything......Seeds of love for material things have since been planted.....

Isn’t that what makes me more human!

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