Friday, March 6, 2009

My First Turn In A Full House

Our Gurgaon home is a full house aka “Madhouse” these days with 9 members. It is an awesome experience and pleasure to grow in a full house; even when you have to share attention with a 14 month old-my Rudra bhai. A crying face is enough to make everyone sit up and lift you in arms; more than two arms reach out to us every time we make a crying face.

Our competitive spirits are usually evident in every act of ours. My Rudra bhai’s are more prominent and higher in number with mine restricted to crying every time I hear him cry. Earlier he used to ignore my presence but not anymore. Now, he is beginning to accept me. Often he extends his soft hand towards me; especially when asked to do so. Though, his touch is not the softest of the touches as he tends to press my hand hard enough to make me cry........Keeping him at bay while he is around is always an uphill task........“Boisterous” is the word that describes him best.

So that you are not left wondering, let me tell you about the other 7 people in this madhouse. My parents and my Rudra bhai’s parents (Ashu chacha and Shikha chachee) make it four while my dada and dadee are visiting us from Dehradun. In addition we have Tinku chacha (my papa’s cousin) staying with us for past 6 months and then we have Manju didi, our maid.

My dadee is with us for some time so that my mom can join her office during the day. I know that my dada and dadee don’t like Delhi at all; biggest reason my dada has managed to keep at bay the pressure of staying in Gurgaon. He came back yesterday night only after staying alone in Dehradun for 10 days......It is always good to know that you are being loved and cared for.......

While this post was being lent words, I took my first turn and it was towards my left side.......My father managed to shot it from a distant angle......he is yet to figure out the way to attach a YouTube link to a post.....

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