Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sad Happy Singh Giggles Again

My mom's Happy Singh was sad today for most part of the day...Firstly, mom altered my daily routine and gave me an early bath followed by her own feed; trying her best to make me go sleep. But, I would wake up as soon as she was about to leave for work. Even then she had to go as office was calling.....

Soon after she left, I started cries kept getting shriller with every passing minute....Dadee and chachee tried every trick in their book to divert my attention; but I would not relent....simply because my mom was not around.......dadee gave me my formula milk.....I drank it and started crying again.....A SOS call to mom and she rushed home at around 1.30.....found me crying look of hers and both my cheeks had my dimples flashing again.....and Reveda goes to sleep in no time......Happy Singh was back!

Mom stayed home until 5.30 and rushed back to work for her 6.30 conference call....I didnt create any ruckus after she left...My dadee must have enjoyed my company and so did I....Happy Singh was in a joyful mood all along......Mom and papa came back at around 8 and first thing my mom did was to lift me in her arms......

It is 12 midnight now and Happy Singh is laughing, smiling, giggling....I am sure you wanna hear me do have told papa and he is gonna upload some on YouTube...has already shot two watch out for this space tomorrow....

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