Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mother-God's Best Creation

I am not under the weather anymore; medicines seem to have worked and I am back to my smiling, playing, and shouting best.... My painful cries of past couple of days have given way to squeaking and screeching sound of laughter and excitement....... eyes are no longer watery red..... my shenanigans are filling the atmosphere with fun and smile again.......... and my puckish grin is back.......But, not before bringing me face to face with a direct co-relation that exists between my health and the creases on my mom’s face.......

And it makes me wonder what a lovely creation of God, a mother is! Firstly, they hold us inside their tiny womb while readying themselves for the pain of delivering us babies...... then witness their belly go under the surgicals with a prayer on lips for our safe and secure birth (prayers for own safety comes second).......and then just a cursory look at our blood strained body and they forget their own pain instantly...... later, they eat things that they used to avoid all through their lives just to ensure that they have enough to feed us......spend their nights beholding the beauty of their creation while “creation” sleeps comfortably in the cosy environs of their warmth.........I can go on and on as the list is endless and universal; so is their love, affection and care....... endless and universal- God's own representative in every household!

Perhaps the universal appeal of mother is best explained in the similar phonetics for the word “Mother “in three ancient languages of the world- Mather in Latin, Mātṛ in Sanskrit & Mitera in Greek......can you ask anything better than that to celebrate the true essence of universal appeal of a mother? Perhaps not!

Let me end this post on a completely different note.....picture of my Ridhima didi who will complete 2 years on 28 March....

Edited to add: This post is part of a world wide blogging tribute to Moms led by TheBlogFrog

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