Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday- Relaxed, Fun & Envy

I was at my boisterous best today and don’t ask me why.....Silly! today was Saturday. Now before you quiz me further, let me give you the reasons why I rate Saturdays so high. In my opinion, this day lets everyone enjoy the luxury of time without having to worry about the work next day; finding time for others is never this easy on any other day........

It was no different today; breakfast got replaced by late brunch as Manju didi (our maid) decided to rework her pace. Everyone in our home was in a relaxed mood; not my Ashu chacha, who is visiting Renu bua in Uganda. Today he toured Nile basin with my Renu bua, Rakesh mama and Honey didi. Their list of activities included- boating in the Lake Victoria, bungee jumping from a height of 44 meters, a visit to the equator......”our envy his fun”.

In the evening, my mom and papa took me out to the doctor as I have rashes on my neck; not worrisome though. Soon, I will be asleep but for now I am playing with my mom. My Rudra bhai is also busy playing with my chachee and dadee.........

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