Friday, March 20, 2009

Cough, Doctor and Rudra Bhai

Oouoghh...oouogh...oouogh.....this is how I started my day- was coughing worried mom administered me few drops of Sinarest-AF in the interim and that instantly helped as I would not cough from that point onwards. Later, she would call up the doctor and take an evening appointment for my vaccination and consultation on my health.........

My reluctant father had to leave for his office and I would see him off with a smile; a smile that made him put the car into reverse gear after he moved quite a distance- just to see me smile once again......Actually you know I am beginning to hear lot of comments on my smile....the other day a lady in the Reliance Super store saw me smile and came up to me and touched my cheeks and said- “How sweet! I love these dimples on her both cheeks”....How nice of her to say that! But then it is not tough to notice those dimples- they are deep.... really deep. Watch out Ms. Preeti Zinta.... you now have a competition.

My mom again decided to stay back and work from home as she is unwell too. In the evening my papa took me and my Rudra bhai to doctor. He is suffering from acute chest congestion and is not the usual picture of a happy-go-lucky kid these days...But I must mention about a noticeable change in him- his acceptance of my presence in the ask him where is your sister and up goes his finger pointing in my direction............Every now and then he would come up to me to touch me and smile. Whenever I cry, he is the first one to pick the rattle in his bid to gain my attention and stop me from crying.....but his only problem is that he doesn’t know when to stop oscillating it.......

At doctor’s place, I was smiling and he was crying but that situation was set to reverse as soon as doctor gave me Prevenar ( Now he was smiling and I was the one crying.......with another shuffling of our acts after 5 minutes. Doctor told mom to give me steam at night and that is what I am doing at this moment.........Don’t believe this so have a look......

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