Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Look

As you can see my cyberspace den now sports a new look after a marathon two day’s effort of my papa and mummy. The project apparently titled-“Redesign Reveda’s blog” was managed by papa with mom playing the role of his programming assistant. It must have been hard for them to drop the pink theme for subtle colours........“Colour” word reminds me of the day when my parents first bought clothes for me ahead of my delivery......Much to their surprise they found that almost all the clothes had “pink” in one form or the other. That discovery made my papa prophesise- “it will definitely be a girl”- something he always wanted......And the girl it is!

Let me know your views on the new look of my blog and I will tell my parents to incorporate your suggestions.

Last but not the least, my father has passed on his cold to me and my Rudra bhai....I am feeling bit cranky today; so my mom has given me Cinarest medicine....hope it will be of some help.

Until later.....

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