Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Blog Clock Gone For The Toss

Yes! it seems to be so as I am running a day late on my daily posts. So this post will be sort of a quick-fire update as against my normal posts. It is 1 am here and I just came back after seeing off my dada and dadee at the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. They have gone back to Dehradun by 11.55 AC Special train. My dada and dadee got very emotional as I have been with them since my birth; first in Gurgaon followed by Dehradun and Gurgaon again afterwards. Their love and affection for me and my Rudra bhai is evident in every action of theirs; even in the tears that were flowing down their respective cheeks while they were walking up the stairs of the railway station. Those silent but expressive tears were narrating the pain of separation they were feeling..... Anyways, no worries as papa is planning to take us to Dehradun over the coming weekend....

The other update is from Monday morning; my Rudra bhai has started going to his play-school. My eager chachee got him ready at 8, although his school starts at 10. But more than my chachee it was my Rudra bhai who was visibly happy and excited in his yellow shirt, blue denim and neatly combed curly hairs. Even we were not far behind in terms of excitement and our entire family accompanied him to his school; including yours truly. Believe it or not the school is beginning to show its calming effect on the super-charged kid; and now smile can be seen written all over his face.........

In the evening my papa took my mom to her doctor to find answers to her various post natal care queries. Meenakshi auntie, who carried out the C-section on my mom, was happy to see me and so was I. She even agreed to let my mom click her pictures with me......I will post them here tomorrow.

With this I end this update hoping that my blog clock will be more organised now.....time alone will tell though.

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