Monday, March 23, 2009

अतिथो देवो: भवः (Guest is God)

“अतिथो देवो: भवः” is the motto of our family/home. That explains why our house is always a full house on most of the Sundays/holidays; and yesterday was no exception. We hosted three families and my papa’s cousin separately thus making it 12 guests within a span of 6 hours! Needless to say that I am always the star attraction for every visitor. And trust me it feels great to be showered with praises and blessings, to hear comments on my smile/dimples/clothes/creases etc or be held softly and gently out of love and affection.......Oh yes! it is about time my parents buy a separate cupboard for my clothes as available space is shrinking fast with the expansion in my clothes kitty, which expands with every new visitor.

The steady string of visitors started with the arrival of our Landlord's family of four followed by my papa's friend- Satish uncle's family. Next one to drop in was the most awaited visitor as far as my mom is concerned-Valentina mausi’s (my mom’s childhood friend of 30 years). She visited me along with Mahesh uncle and their 18 month old son-Saksham. They stayed with us for around 3 hours and my mom’s happiness was visible all over her face. Saksham was a busy kid all through his stay in our Rudra bhai's toys kept him busy! After they left, it was my papa's cousin-Manish uncle waiting on the door; who would then go on to stay with us until dinner.....What a busy sunday it turned out to be in the end! Busy but enjoyable too...

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