Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Dilemma

I usually feel most relaxed during night in the company of both my parents and am always in my most playful mood. So much so that I don't let my parents go to sleep till late in the night. But those relaxed moments always bring with it, my unique dilemma- "who should I look at and face to while sleeping". Actually, I sleep in between my parents; both vying for my attention. Left with no option, I keep moving my face from one side to another....soon I go off to sleep out of tiredness ........
This has been a regular feature of past 4-5 days....Though, for records, usually mom gets the preference and that too for a selfish reason-she feeds me during nights....

This is not the only dilemma I face....Whether to smile or frown or just remain indifferent when meeting someone for the first time is the other one and infact most common of them.......

And now the biggest of my dilemmas is whether I should let my mom resume work properly...she had to opt for "work from home" today .... I was lying by her most of the time and mom was busy working on her laptop....

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