Sunday, March 1, 2009

Am I Ready?

My mom is getting ready to start her work again.....Tomorrow will be her first day in office after a gap of exactly four months....I really don't know if I am ready for this daily temporary separation from my mother. Though, I will have my dadee with me in her absence. But, I still survive on my mom's feed and have been unable to develop any liking for the top feed.....I must mention that my dadee has come to stay with us just because of me...she doesn't like Gurgaon and moreover she had to leave my dada alone in dada will come to Gurgaon for few days around March 10....I love you my dada and dadee...I really do...

Right now, everyone is tensed as to how will I cope with my mom's joining her work back....I think it is best to let time decide this.....For now I am happy as I just came back from a trip to Ambience Mall and is playing with my papa is busy writing this post while my dadee is resting....Shikha chachee is cooking dinner and Rudra bhai is busy playing with utensils in the kitchen.....I am sure he will become a chef once he grows up....

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