Saturday, February 28, 2009

"If I Could Enter Inside My Mind"

"IF I COULD ENTER INSIDE MY MIND" is what I heard my father saying to my mom......makes me wonder what made him say so. Who best can answer this then the man himself, so over to him......

It is almost a week since my daughter is in Gurgaon with me....Before that, I used to see her through the words communicated to me over telephone by my papa, mummy or my wife. Weekend trips used to get over even before they could start....and I could never experience the real joy of seeing my daughter grow, her expressions being added up. However, things have changed since they are back....I see her smile, cry, act indifferently, lost in thoughts, her creases on her forehead.....Her expressions changes at a speed faster than the light. In no time, a broad smile can turn into a shriller cry; state of complete attention into one of no attention or vice versa. And, all you can do is to watch helplessly.....she will not even give you a single clue....All I do at that moment is to marvel at the God's creation....I am sure social scientists and psychologists can give you numerous theories explaining a child's behaviour; but trust me no one for sure knows anything about it and no one will ever. This helplessness made me say that........Two quotable incidents from today are-

1. She was playing with her thumb and knuckles while making all sorts of noises; the moment I switched on my camera to record it, her all expressions came to a literal standstill...and for next one minute she would not take her eyes off camera lenses...I lost my moment to record the event or rather she denied me that opportunity...

2. While in my wife's arms, she was looking at me with a broadest possible smile on her face.....I smiled back.....but, then decided to do a prank on her by shouting my wife out.....even before I could finish, she started crying. As soon as I changed gears and started laughing....laughter was back on her face again in no time....

Thank you Reveda for letting me explain my comment......Know that I love you lots...

Thanks Papa, I love you too.....

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