Sunday, February 1, 2009

Polio Vaccine & Scooter Ride

My infrequent posts over the course of past week has a lot to do with my monotonous routine of past few days- always wakes up with a smile, daily massage and bath, sun bath and feeds at regular intervals. There was nothing else that I would do.

However, Sundays are not meant to be so- they are always eventful and so was 1st Sunday of February'09. After my mom made me attend to my daily chores, it was time to visit vaccine centre- located 1.5 kms away from our house near Dehradun IT Park, for my polio vaccine . My dada thought it inappropriate to call our driver uncle for that short a distance. So, he would take me to the centre on his two wheel scooter instead-"Hamara Bajaj"; with my dadee seated on the the rear seat and holding me on her lap. My mom would cover me in adequate warm clothes so as to beat the Dehradun chill. We were back home in less than an hour. Today's scooter ride- my first; would take up the tally of mode of transport used so far to three- car and train being the other two...I thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, that enjoyable ride would not stop me from loosing my cool in the evening. The setting for loosing my cool was provided by the duo of my mom and dadee, who would again start the experiment with top-feed. Instead of drinking the milk, I would start chewing the nipple of the bottle. So, my mom would try to make me drink the feed and this infuriated me. I would retaliate by not taking any feed for next 2 hours and would budge from my stand only after lot of cajoling. Now I am off to sleep and I am sure everyone must be relieved.

In the end, I must mention Ramesh uncle who left a comment yesterday. He is my father's friend and an ex-colleague from MPS Technologies. However, to me he will remain as one who played the most important role in the birth of my blog- he gave my father this idea.....Thank you Ramesh uncle....

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