Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Updates

Here are the pending updates-

24th Feb, Tuesday- Since my Ashu chacha has plans of visiting my Renu bua in Uganda after he finishes off his marketing trip to Mauritius and Kenya; everyone thought it best to go and buy something for her. However, Tuesdays is not the best of the day to do shopping in Gurgaon; as most of the shops remains closed. Thankfully, Reliance stores are an exception.......So, we (my dadee, mummy, papa, chachee and Rudra bhai) went there late and picked up stuff for my Bua, Honey didi and Rakesh mama....

We couldn't buy Fabmart cotton lowers-my Renu bua's favourites for obvious reasons. However, my mom would ensure that we buy it next day. So she took me and my dadee to Fabmart the next a cycle rickshaw- my first rickshaw ride......My Ashu chacha left for his trip in the night.....he will be back around 10th March...

Before I complete this post, here is a beautiful picture of my dada holding me and my Rudra bhai prior to his departure for Dehradun on 23rd February- Monday....
Only, Rudra bhai has teeth to flash but he too wouldn't fully; my dada doesn't like to put his dentures!

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