Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Marriage Anniversary

My day began early today as our home phone started ringing since morning-my Ashu chacha was the first one to call followed by my papa and the occasion was the marriage anniversary of my dada and dadee.........As I am not the one to be left behind so I also wished my dada and dadee a very happy marriage anniversary; while praying for their long and healthy married life of togetherness in my own way- "by flashing my big dimple smile on their face". My dada, seeing me smile burst into a laughter of joy....and so did my dadee and mummy. Next ones to wish my dada and dadee were my mummy, chachee, Rakesh mama,Renu bua. I am sure Ridhima didi and Rudra bhai did the same but in their own respective ways.....

Knowing that I have a date scheduled with my doctor for vaccination, my mummy had her celebration plans ready. We all first drove to the doctor and from there she took us to the market to buy cakes, snacks, sweets and spring rolls for the evening celebration. We came back home early as my nana and nanee had plans to visit us ahead of our departure back to Gurgaon on Friday, 20th February.

Once home, it was the celebration time so my mummy got my dada and dadee dressed up for the occasion. Soon it was time to cut the cake and my dada and dadee happily obliged.....Everyone, including my nana and nanee wished them again....Tea, snacks, sweets and spring rolls followed thereafter........

After spending couple of hours at our home, it was time for my nana and nanee to leave.....the entire setting turned emotional....I am sure my nana and nanee will miss me and my mother....I will surely miss them too...but then I had to go back to Gurgaon....Had I got any choice, I would not have left Dehradun as this place is my own place, a place that I can always relate to and call my own......

At the time of writing this post, my mummy and dadee are busy packing my stuff. I will leave for Gurgaon tomorrow at around 10 am along with my dada, dadee and mummy in my nana's car to be driven by their driver.....I must say that these 77 days flew past me in no time......

Before I conclude today's post, lots of love to my dada, dadee and mummy......"HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY" to my dada and dadee and "THANKS FOR THE CELEBRATIONS" to my mummy.

Pictures to follow soon....

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