Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday Outing

It's been almost 3 days since I wrote my last post; so here I am back with the latest updates...First one is on the shopping trips I undertook 22nd February onwards.

Sunday- My papa's initial plan to take the entire family (my dada, dadee, Ashu chacha, Shikha chachee, Rudra bhai, mummy, papa and Tinku chacha) to Zoo didn't materialise; so he began working on Plan No. 2- Family Outing. It took us a while to depart as the furniture that we had ordered the other day arrived in late. By the time we left our home, smaller seconds of our clock had reached 4; while the bigger one was at 12.

First, we went to Sohna Road to see our under-construction apartment at "JMD Gardens". We toured the site and also checked on the sample flat; I was comfortably held by my dadee in her lap. While everyone was busy with the dekko of the flat, my Rudra bhai and I thought it best to check on the comfort of the sofa. My father clicked this picture of us together...
After spending close to half an hour at the site, we left for a nearby Honda car dealership- "Pearl Honda". Actually, my Ashu chacha is buying a Honda New City car and he wanted to show us his preferred colour. He has already booked one; however jury is still out as to which colour should he go for....I don't have any preference per se; however I would go with the majority and Black colour seems to be the choice of the majority......I will keep you posted of the same.

From Pearl, we looked around couple of White-goods dealerships to buy a washing machine- our current one is causing lot of problems. After checking on the various models, we bought one 6.5 KG front-end loading make from LG.

My mummy is a real KFC freak; so she took us to a nearby KFC restaurant as soon as she saw one. Once in, everyone with the exception of my dadee, papa and myself ate from the bucketful of chicken-wings. My papa went for a veggie burger; while my dadee decided to took me out in the open away from the smell of roasted chickens....

We all came back home at around 10 pm after a hectic but enjoyable outing....Everyone was tired; but not me........And, I would torture my tired papa for another couple of hours....

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