Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Packet Of Love From My Veda Bua

I am still at my nana's place and is happy to be the main centre of attraction. I will write a separate post about that later. Through this post, I wish to express my love and heartfelt thanks to my Veda bua (aunt) for sending me a packet of love from US. That packet contained- hand-stitched blanket (stitched by Veda bua's mom- Granny for me), 3 pair of dresses, 4 pair of socks and two bottles of picked strawberry jam.....more than anything, it was the amount of love, affection and feelings that came along touched and moved me....

I had mentioned about my Veda bua in several of my posts in the past....She lives in Plymouth Indiana with her family-David uncle and her four kids- Byron, Brad, Karl and Maura....My Veda bua and my father met on Internet 10 years ago and ended up creating this beautiful selfless relationship of a brother and sister........A relationship that saw my Veda bua visit India along with her Mom (granny) and Maura (didi) to attend my father's marriage to my mom in 2005....their bond has also seen my Veda bua doing a Novena-a very special and powerful 9 days catholic prayer for the success of my father in his Chartered Accountancy exams-after he got stuck with that.....he passed his exams that time......Also, you know "Veda" part of my name is a derivative of Veda bua's name.....("Re" part comes from my Renu bua's name) ....There are so many incidents/acts that can be shared here; but all I know is that every act/incident cemented their relationship and bond further and further......

I must also thank David uncle for being the biggest and most silent supporter of their awesome bond...He never objected to my Veda bua visit India in 2005...I like him for one more thing- he is amongst a few people who can pronounce my name correctly....majority of people can't pronounce it right... Also, special thanks to Granny for stitching me such a wonderful blanket....I really appreciate that you stitched it for me despite your own health issues....You know Granny- it compliments so well with the previous blanket that you stitched for my mom and dad......And, now I will not have to borrow theirs...

Thank you Veda bua for being so thoughtful, loving and affectionate! I love you all and I know that you do that too

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