Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Day in Gurgaon

Saturday, 21st February was my first day in Gurgaon after almost 3 months and it began as usual. I would wake up much earlier than did my parents; and began playing on my own. As soon as my father woke up, I flashed a big smile on his face to make it the best possible start of his day. In fact, until that moment, he had only heard about my morning smiles from my dada, dadee and mom; and this was his maiden experience of that.

As the day progressed, my mom’s plate of household daily-chores began to swell; after all she was out for past three months. She kept postponing giving me my daily bath and eventually cancelled it altogether. Not that she was short of time; but because there was no electric current for better part of the day.........You might be thinking what current has got to do with my bath. Actually my mom always puts on the heater to keep me warm while my dadee gives me my bath. And without any electricity, she decided to give it a miss to the daily bath......but certainly not to the sponge bath given to me late at around 4 pm..........

Later in the evening, we all (my dada, dadee, chacha, chachee, Rudra bhai, mummy and papa) went to the market to buy a new bed for me. My papa had already selected one while we were in Dehradun and was waiting for us to be back....We eventually ended up buying a side table and a wooden box in addition to bed......It is high time that my papa start controlling his shopping urges....

We came back around 9 pm and I was in no mood to go to sleep. So, I started playing with my dada, dadee and papa until my mom took me away into my bedroom to feed me. Soon, I was off to sleep in no time.....

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