Thursday, February 5, 2009

@ My Nana's Place

My blog schedule goes haywire at times and my distance from my papa is the biggest culprit for that. Besides, papa is little bit busy these days taking care of some new additional responsibilities at work. So, this post is late by a day.....

I am at my nana's (maternal grandfather) place since yesterday. We came here on the evening of 4th February. I am sure my dada and dadee are missing me and they conveyed this to me via mummy. You know, I am also missing them and my home. But then I will go back soon after staying here for few days. My eyes are lot busy these days trying to differentiate between walls of my home and that of my nana's house....Mom is trying her best to make me get used to small doses of top feed. However, I have taken an in principle decision not budge from my stand at all- NO TOP FEED. So she doesn't have any option but to accept my verdict....Whenever she doesn't, I know how to make her accept it........ Actually, I don't blame mom as all she is trying to do is to prepare me for the day when she will join her office back....More on this later....

In the end, I must thank Shikha aunt- my mom's best friend from Austin Texas; she left a comment on my blog yesterday Keep visiting and also send me Shubh'a pic so that I can post it on my blog....

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