Monday, February 16, 2009

Engagement & Valentine's Day

My Sunil Mama (mom's brother) celebrated this year's Valentine's Day in style- he got engaged to the "arranged love" (my nana & nanee selected the girl few days back) of his life-"should be so". My Sunil mama's face was brimming with joy and happiness on a bright sunny Saturday. I was the first one to get ready. However, when I saw that no one is ready yet, I decided to take a power nap.
Soon, my dada, dadee and papa arrived. First thing, my papa would do is to wake me up out of my sleep. I started crying as I don't like to be disturbed at all while I am sleeping; so my dadee would comfort me while papa looks on with surprise............Soon thereafter, I left for the engagement venue-"Hotel Saurab" with my dada, dadee, Himmu dadee and mom with my papa on wheels. I couldn't understand anything, when my papa drove the car into the hotel basement parking lot.....after all it was my first tet-a-tete with the parking basement....I am sure many more are to follow as Gurgaon has lot of shopping malls with basement parking facility only...... While at the hotel, we were welcomed by the hosts...To my utter surprise, it was me rather than Sunil mama, who was hogging all the limelight. He cannot blame me for that as he forgot his way to the hotel and was not be the first one to arrive at hotel. I was carried inside into the hotel by my dadee. I was enjoying the ceremony but got tired as can be seen from my eyes.. After the completion of religious rituals, everyone blessed the newly engaged couple (Sunil & Poonam). My Sunil mama was blushing; while Poonam Mamee (Aunt) was a picture of confidence.......but soon everything was set to change as my papa egged them on to wish each other "Valentine's Day". Poor couple couldn't understand as to how to take it....As if it wasn't enough, my papa handed them paper flowers and asked them to exchange it as a token of love.....At last Sunil mama mustered enough courage to utter those three words- "Happy Valentine's Day" (must have been the toughest three words to speak) to my Poonam Mamee; who reciprocated it in style.....I was looking at my Sunil mama's face and trust me it was all red and pink...Poor chap!

Lunch followed soon and after a quick-fire coffee session, it was time to leave....I was tired so I hastened the departure. Trust me, looking at the way my Sunil mama was busy talking to Poonam mamee; he must have been cursing me for ensuring a timely departure.

It was a very enjoyable experience and I wish my Sunil mama and Poonam mamee a happy and loving life of togetherness and compassion.

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