Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phone Call, Email, Visitor, New Car

Weird sounding title of today’s post will start making sense as you continue reading this post. My Wednesday started with a phone call from my dada; who called my papa to inform him of their safe arrival in Dehradun. It wasn’t the phone-call but that stupid ringtone on my papa’s phone; a reason enough for me to express my displeasure by means of a glare from the corner of my eyes. Soon that glare turned into a broad smile as my papa placed the phone near my ears to let my dada speak to me. Emotional pain caused by the physical distance was clearly evident in his voice when he called my name; an everyday morning ritual for the past 4 months. Technological aide helps but to an extent only; is IMPOSSIBLE to make up for the personal touch.

My papa multi-tasks a lot and yesterday was no different when he was checking his emails while on phone. And that’s when he read an email that brought cheers to his face- an email informing him about the “Blog of the Day” award to my blog by Here is the notification

My working mom doesn’t have an indefinite liberty to work from home; yesterday was one such day when she mandatorily had to be in office for some meetings. So, who will stay with me in her absence...Papa? Oh! He can’t as he has a board meeting coming up on 26th.....chachee has a super-charged kid at home to look after......Manju didi (our maid) can step in as and when required but not full time as she has other chores to attend.....dada and dadee are back in in came the solution in my Mamta mausi (my mom’s sister).....she will stay with us for next two days as mom will be at work. She lives in Dwarka and is visiting us with Ria didi-her daughter just to take care of me in my absence.....Great gesture especially when you have your family commitments as well.

Last but not the least, we have got a new car- New Honda City in polished metal metallic Ashu chacha purchased it yesterday....this is how it looks. Remember this post of mine.

Now what do you think of the title, makes sense?

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