Sunday, November 16, 2008

Discovery Of My Existence

Pranaam! Hello! Sat-Sri-Akal! Assalaam Alaikum! Shalom!

Surprised!!! …Must be!!! But then that’s me, a Global Citizen in the making inside the cozy-calm-composed environs of my would-be mother’s womb. My would-be parents are still unaware of what is going on inside………….

However, life cells are forming one by one, piece by piece giving shape to a life that will bring unlimited joy, happiness, excitement and blessings to my Grand-Parents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, Sisters and to so many more……,once I will come out of my mother’s womb into this testing yet beautiful, calm yet always churning, exciting yet frightening place called- EARTH. My feeble but still developing mind is always trying to draw inferences about the Earth that I just mentioned about, based on what I hear inside my mother’s womb. And I must say that it is all a case of mixed feelings as I embark on that 9- month long, testing and arduous journey towards full human being status. Still…. I am more than excited and so are my Grand-Parents, Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Brothers, and Sisters.

I am sure that you may now want to hear as to how my existence became known to everyone… So let me share with you what I saw on that Monday-the 10th day of March 2008. My father has just returned from work and my mother told him that time has come for them to conduct a home pregnancy test. My elated father rushed to a near by medical shop and bought two test kits. My parents conducted first test using a Dr Reddy’s pregnancy test kit at around 9 pm. That test revealed something that everyone was waiting for.

Huuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy! Test is positive. My impatient father used the other kit too and this result is no different from the earlier one. Yes!!!!! He instantly called up my Grand Parents (my Dada-Dadee) and broke the news to them. My Dada-Dadee are very happy and excited; so are my parents after coming to know of a life that is taking shape inside my mother’s womb; their wait finally gets over. I am happy too for slightly different but selfish reason- after all now I am not the only one to know about my existence. Though, my parents are visibly happy and excited; still they want to assure themselves about my existence by means of clinical tests. It is 9.30 pm now and they rushed to a hospital nearby just to fortify the preliminary test results. Lab tests at the hospital also confirmed the obvious to their satisfaction. Time to break the news to selected few- yes, it is, says my father. He called my Aunty (my father’s sister-Renu who is in Uganda) and broke the good news to my Uncle who picked up the phone. They were very happy and my aunty started counseling my mother about the do’s and don’ts from now onwards. My Uncle (my father’s brother-Ashu), my Aunty (my uncle’s wife-Shikha) and my elder brother (Rudra-their two & half month) too came to know about me. Next day, my Dadee informed my Nanee (my mother’s mother) about me and she was also very happy.

If someone asks me to describe everyone’s feelings from inside, I would say it was of happiness, joy, excitement, curiosity and of relief to say the least.

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