Friday, November 21, 2008

My Third Trimester Continues

Next phase of my third trimester coincided with the festive season in India. First it was Dusshehra and then came the biggest of them all-"Diwali". In between my mom had to go to hospital with water bag leakage issue; something not serious though. Father shifted his job from Hines to NIIT and we moved into a new rented accommodation. My dada-dadee came to Gurgaon to help us do the shifting. Then they went back to Dehradun with my Renu Bua and Ridhima didi. We also went to Dehradun once as my nana-nanee moved into their new house and had their house-warming.

My parents started my shopping during Navratras and invariably they ended up buying all girlie colours. Then came Diwali and we all celebrated it together in Gurgaon. My dada-dadee came here with us as my mother was not in a condition to travel to Dehradun. The effect of financial crisis was clearly evident on the diwali festivities; but I decided to take a chill-pill as I was inside and was not affected by that crisis.

Doctor auntie told my parents to get prepared for delivery after Diwali. So my mother got her bag ready. Upon a doctor visit after Diwali, Meenakshi auntie told my mother to get admitted to Paras Hospital on 1st November. But my mother requested for 5th Nov, reason being my parents got married on 05-05-05, I was conceived on 5th as per medical science calculation so they might as well deliver me on 5th to make it a hat-trick. But then i had different plans................

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