Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Second Trimester

All along I have been maintaining that I am bit different and sequence of events did prove towards that.

Against popular perception second trimester; considered safest during one's pregnancy was the most difficult one for my mom. She started getting those severe back aches which would later go on to become a permanent phase of her pregnancy. This pain used to leave her sleepless through the night and life was never relaxed next morning with pressure to head to office.

Apologies for digressing from the main topic but then let me tell you that my parents are poles apart from each other, when it comes to organising and managing their lives. My mother is methodical and lives her life as per clinical precision, while my father always lives his life on the edge hanging precariously close. Consider this, my mother never gets late to work (even after those sleepless nights), she always pays her bills on time, tries not to give an opportunity to anyone to complain about her; at least at work place. When it comes to my father- least said the better. He has never reached office on time.......Poor man admits that he reaches office on time only at the time of interview and on the first day.

Back to the main topic again, I used to feel bad inside,seeing my mother get those pains during nights. But then, it wasn't my fault. Besides, as my father rightly used to tell her-"You are not sick but pregnant, so you might as well enjoy it." I used to do my best to help her enjoy it, just as my father said. We all went to Shimla at the start of this phase and enjoyed a lot. I know, I was just a combination of few cells then but then I am entitled to my share of enjoyment.......

It was during this phase that my parents consciously decided to change the doctor after consulting Umang uncle. He suggested Dr Meenakshi Sautha, who would then go on to help my mother deliver me. The visits to Jaideep uncle continued as usual.

The list of "must visit" places continued it's northword journey with "Dezine Kids" being added followed by "Littles". To my surprise, they did not buy anything for me. Instead, it was my mom who was doing all the shopping- maternity t-shirts, jeans---those jeans thing would go on to become a topic of heated discussion later. My Rudra bhai too was getting benefitted out of those visits. But then you know sisters can never be jealous of their brothers- I, too was happy for him.

Idea of shopping for me would always come up during those visits but my father used to shot down them down. He would do all my shopping only during the last month of mom's pregnancy.

My dada-dadee visited me during this phase and my dada got those big mangoes from Dehradun; my mom loves eating mangoes!

As this trimester was nearing its end, I started making those initial movements which my mother would always notice. I was bit playful with my movements as whenever my mom used to call my dad to show him my movements, I used to stop; and all this would continue till the end of my mom's pregnancy. That's me a naughty daughter!

And the saga continues.........................

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