Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Homecoming

6th November; 6 pm

All the formalities for my departure from hospital have now been completed and it is time to head back home. I am really excited and so is everyone of mine. I am wearing pink coloured jacket top with pink coloured nappy and a white cap. My dadee would wrap me in a soft sky blue blanket to protect me from November chill- something I must get used to as global climate change would continue to ensure cooler winters in Northern India.

My dadee was holding me with my dada and mummy as her company; my papa was on the wheels. Soon we reached my home, where we would be welcomed by my Rudra bhai, chacha, chachee and Shanti auntie-my nanny. My dadee would then complete religious rituals to thank God and His kindness for ensuring my safe and secure delivery followed by a small prayer on her lips to seek Almighty's blessings over all the members of our family forever.

My chachee was the first one to hold me followed by my chahca. I was feeling relieved to be home but hungry me started crying for milk; my chachee would then make me drink lactogen milk. Everybody was in a celebratory mood barring my Rudra bhai- afterall it is time for him to share the dais with me; something that he is not used to being the undisputed king for 10 months..... But, I am pretty sure that we will forge a strong bond between us.

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