Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gift Collector

My popularity is on the rise and I am being visited by lot of our relatives and friends. It all started with Sandeep uncle who would come to our place with Pallavi auntie and gift me a pair of bangles, a bowl-spoon and a rattle all made up of silver.

Next to visit me is my Ruchi bua and badee mameeji (Ruchi bua's mother)who would bring me lot of gifts comprising of clothes, blankets, towel sets, baby bag and a bouncer. My Rakesh uncle would give me my gift through my father when they meet in Dehradun for Naresh uncle's marriage.

It will be Ramesh uncle's turn afterwards who would visit us with Anju auntie and Pari didi. You know Pari didi played a remarkably symbolical role in making me a reality. It was during January 08, when my parents visited Ramesh uncle's place for dinner. After dinner got over and my parents were about to leave their home, Pari didi would bring a baby-boy toy and give that to my mother saying-"You take this to your home as you do not have any kids and return it once you get one in real".

Two months later, my parents would come to know about my existence in the way already mentioned under-"Discovery Of My Existence". I had to mention this incident here and I am really thankful to Pari didi for her thoughtful gesture. Venkatesh uncle, Dolly auntie and Anil uncle too visited me with gifts.

Another notable visitor to our house was Umang uncle (already mentioned in earlier posts) who would come along with his wife Urvi auntie, his sister-Swati auntie, his father & mother-Col dadaji and dadeeji and my rupee kitty would increase by Rs 500. Chikarmanee auntie from our neighbourhood too would come to bless me and give me 100 rupees.

It would then be my Sindhu dadee's turn to visit me; who would come along with my Rinki bua, Mumpi bua, Archu bua and Pihu didi. She came all the way from Dehradun to meet me and I felt so good. Needless to say that the list of my gifts would grow a lot with her visit- dresses, blankets, baby bath, towel and hand stiched warmers. My Soni auntie and Raju uncle too visited me along with Sunil mama from Dehradun. With her visit, my collectibles would see another addition in the form of gold ear-rings and a ring. Sunil mama would give me Rs 500 with another Rs 200 given by Soni auntie. On a lighter note, I must tell you that Sunil mama would not even utter 500 words during his stay of around 15 hours in our house. I must say that more than anything it was the blessings and love given by so many people that would come to stay with me forever. I thank each and everyone of my visitors and those who congratulated me over phone or in any which way.

While all these visits were on, my nana would decide to go back to Dehradun once my naming ceremony is over as he needs to attend some urgent work. Later, my dada would go back to Dehradun on 17th November by train. Next day i.e. 18th November,is my first date with doctor Manish uncle after my discharge from hospital. He was happy at my performance and would ask me to come again on 3rd Dec.

It gives me an immense satisfaction seeing so many people visit me and bless me. Really, it does! Thank you all...

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