Monday, November 24, 2008

Gang Of Three

My first night in the hospital would pass off without any hiccups. My dada-dadee stayed with me and my mother while my father went back home for his much needed rest. Next day, my Renu Bua, Rakesh Mama and Ridhima didi visited me in the hospital. As soon as my bua would enter the room, she held me softly and embrace me. Her touch was no different from the earlier touch of other family members – full of love, excitement and joy. She was the first one to notice dimple on my cheeks and with that it become clear that the entire gang (Ridhima didi, Rudra bhai and me) would now sport dimple on cheeks- quiet an achievement for sure.

My Rakesh mama brought me a large gift hamper comprising of clothes / blankets / nappies/bathing kits etc. Soon, Rudra bhai too joined us in hospital to complete the gang. Now, everyone was there to make it a complete family get together with my dada, dadee, mummy, papa, chacha, chachee, bua, mama and the “gang of three” in attendance.

Everyone, apart from me and my parents went back home for lunch. My bua, mama and didi would then head back their home for some last minute shopping / packing ahead of their flight to Uganda on 6th night. But, my bua would leave only after seeing my kitty swell to Rs 1200 from Rs 200. I could spot tears in my bua’s eyes- tears of joy and separation; after-all she lives far from all of us and can't visit us at will. I know that my dada-dadee would cry a lot when they will see my bua off later in the day; and my father is no different here in the hospital.

I am lying next to my tearful father on the attendant bed wondering- what made him seek a girl despite knowing that he will not have any control over her after her marriage.

A question, answer for which will take time to come!

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