Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peaceful day

7th November would be a day to rest after hectic events of past many days. Everyone is tired and needs rest barring my papa. He is in office after spending better part of the night without proper sleep. He first went to Airport around midnight with my chacha to see off my bua, mama and didi ahead of their flight to Uganda. Later, he would lie by myside with his eyes watching every movement of mine. In fact, my every action was keenly watched and photographed in mind by everyone. One more notable event of the day would be my complete refusal to drink lactogen milk. I just don't like the taste at all as I am very choosy when it comes to F&B.

In a matter of few hours, I have become the most followed member of the family. Everyone would run the moment I cry and try all the tricks in their books to make me stop crying. But I wouldn't budge until my mom feeds me. My dada, my dadee would hold me one by one followed by chachee and mummy. Rudra bhai is trying to ignore me as much as he can. In fact at times he would react as if no other kid is in the house. But my bhai is best; always smiling and flashing his few side teeth that would grow first such that it was very discomforting to him.

My father and chacha would look for me first; moment they arrive home after work. Visitors and congratulatory calls are on as ever before. But slowly and steadily discussions are beginning to happen around my naming ceremony. One notable call that came in was that of my Veda bua; who called from US to check on me and my mom.

In fact my father and mother have chosen my name as a combination of Renu (Re)bua and Veda (Veda) bua. My papa met my Veda bua over Internet 9 years ago. She would send my father rakhi (a thread which a sister ties on her brother's wrist every year during a festival of similar name as the thread itself). My Veda bua had also visited India at the time of my parent's marriage in 2005 along with her mother and daughter-Maura didi. Such is the beauty of their bond that despite living continents apart they could create, maintain and strengthen a bond which has no parallel amongst people we know of. But it would not have been possible without the support of family members and they too deserve equal credit for that. More on this as things keep coming up....

My Renu bua called up to inform about their safe arrival in Jinja, Uganda.

Everyone had their dinner and were getting ready for bed but then my plans were again different. I would not let my mother sleep and would demand feeding every now and then. Papa would sleep as if he has not slept in years..... dadee kept checking on me.....

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