Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Visitors

I was generating good interest amongst relatives and friends of my family as evident from the constant stream of visitors and innumerable congratulatory phone calls. In fact my father had to carry his charger along as his battery would exhaust soon.

During the course of next two days, I would be visited by many relatives & friends of our family. First one to visit was Ramesh uncle and Liz auntie followed by Mamta auntie’s family. I met Riya didi and Shubham bhaiya again. Sandeep uncle dropped in from his work. In the evening it was Chetan uncle's turn; he clicked my pictures on his E-91 Nokia phone for Vaishali auntie.In between came, Dharamveer uncle and Uma uncle. Next in line was Rinki bua's family who came alongwith Archu bua, Rajiv mamu and Pihu didi. I had seen them earlier when I was in my mom's womb; but was meeting them for the first time outside. My mother's colleague Ajay uncle also visited me with Disha auntie and Arnab bhaiya. Mayank chachu, Tinku chachu, Manish chachu & Anugrah mumu came calling at night followed by Anil mamu & Mohan uncle.

I would be relieved from hospital on 6th and my father was completing the formalities when he saw Ruchi bua who was visiting hospital for Ved Budaji's tests. They both came upstairs to see me despite budaji not feeling well. I was greatly moved by that. I wish Budaji good health and pray that he gets well soon.

My feeble mind can't remember the names of any more people; but I am sure there were many others too. I wish to thank everyone for their good wishes and blessings. I would need them for the rest of my life.

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