Saturday, November 22, 2008

When You Planning To Come Out? mother would often ask me this question towards the end of her pregnancy. But it used to fall on deaf ears as I was determined to keep that "surprise element" running for few more hours or perhaps days.

My mother began experiencing pains but then she couldn't distinguish them from normal pains. It started very mildly on the afternoon of 2nd November but then my mom took some rest and it subsided. In the evening, I along with my dada-dadee and mom-dad went to market to check out a new bed. You know my mother made me walk a lot during her entire pregnancy as she would not say "no" to any suggestion to go to market/malls. She would walk for hours in the malls without feeling any pains but situation used to reverse as soon as we head back home- pains would start again. In fact at times she used to say-"why do we have these nights".

Back to 2nd Nov, we all came back home by 9 pm after finalising one queen-size bed. My mom would cook "Khichdi" for dinner and everyone would go to bed soon afterwards. But I had different I was preparing to answer that question in about next 10 hours...............

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