Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Long Wait

My nine month old desire to be embraced and cuddled by my family members would now prolong by another 5-6 hours. Although voiceless, I was shouting that I am all set to be with my family but then doctors had completely different plans and I was hurried into a nursery where I would find myself surrounded by other fellow newborns. God was watching me from the heavens and kept that near window bed vacant for me. Truly, He is great! My dada, dadee, papa, chacha, chachee, Rudra bhai, Anil mama, Ruchi bua etc would come and see me from a glass window outside my nursery. Some would click pictures while others would just try to grab my attention. But I would not hear as I was bit angry to be kept at distance from my family.

They made me lie down my stomach, but I would often move my head from one side to another. Everyone would often ask doctors about the time when they would be able to embrace me and take me into their room. In between, my father, dada and dadee would go and check my mother. At 4 pm doctors asked for my clothes. I was happy knowing that soon I would be shifted from a warm but unfamiliar nursery environment to a cozy, familiar and above all my very own environment. That space would be mine comprising of my own people and my wait would end soon….

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