Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Nation Is Under Attack

How ironical it is to write a post about Mumbai terrorist attacks exactly a day after I had written one titled-" Peaceful Day". My regular post meant to chronicle my life will follow this post as I cannot help but first write about yesterday night's attacks on general public in Mumbai. It has deeply saddened me.

I am sure my readers might feel as to how a terrorist attack can affect a newly born kid of 24 days. But let me tell you that we, small kids only lack speech- albeit I have one in the form of this blog; otherwise we live all the human expressions same way as you do. Our Godly connection with our loved ones makes us understand and feel exactly similar to what our loved ones are feeling. We and our feelings are nothing but expression of our loved ones and today I am expression of what everyone in my house is after Mumbai attacks- it is one of anguish, anger & shock.

I am anguished at this mindless act of terror; I am angry because helpless humans were made to suffer by handful of people; I am shocked at the growing impotency of this country's administration and its politicians. This nation needs to stand up on its spine and fight this menace out as I and millions of my fellow kids wants to live in a world free of terrorism perpetuated in the name of religion. I want to grow in a world that is persuasive, progressive and peaceful- first one is most important as we need to persuade people to believe in the power of love and peace; we do that and none can stop us from progressing ahead…..

Last but not the least, as we kids can easily connect with God so I pray to Him to bring back peace and prosperity to my nation. Those were thoughts from my perspective and here come's that of my father who wants to write his....

My conscience egged me on to write few words on this blog after today’s attacks. Not that these attacks scare me in any way; but they do cause worry to me seeing the apparent lackadaisical attitude of establishment towards rooting out terrorism from this country. Terrorists are attacking this country at will; challenging the administration every now and then. It would give me sleepless nights if I were to extrapolate ever increasing frequency of terrorist’s acts into the future. I shudder at the prospect of this country becoming a hot-bed of terrorism in the name of religion. It worries me more to see that the resolve to fight terrorism is completely missing in this country. So many questions engulf my mind- what do we do, where do we go to, should we stop giving birth to kids as we cant promise them a peaceful future, should we stop taking our kids out to markets, and perhaps many more other questions too. When I look for answers; all I find is no one but me to give those answers to myself. And my answer is- I refuse to let these attacks broke my resolve to continue working towards ensuring better life for my parents, wife, kids, brothers, sisters and many more. Sadly but rightly so, I did not look at all at this nation’s government and it’s administration for those answers as it is nothing but a spineless impotent government- no matter which party it belongs to. Yes, I do have complete faith in God and His powers. May He gives the much needed strength and resolve to the people of India to fight this menace of terrorism as it is their battle and not that of its governments.

In the end, my heart goes out to all those brave policemen and hapless common human beings who were mercilessly butchered by those blots on humanity. May God rest their souls in peace and give their respective families strength to overcome this irreparable loss.

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