Sunday, November 23, 2008

Experiencing My First Touch

My mom was moved into the room no. 303 at around 5 pm; where I would join her at around 5.30 pm. Hospital nurse would put me inside my cradle and move me into my room with my dadee and chachee escorting me.My dada, my mother and my bhai Rudra were waiting to welcome me. As soon as I entered that room, my dadee would embrace me and take me in her arms and I could feel that special touch– a soft touch of love, care, joy, excitement, fulfillment and blessings; a touch to thank God for ensuring safety of both me and my mother with prayer on her lips. My dada would then hold me and his touch was no different than that of my dadee- a touch full of love, care, excitement, joy and blessings while thanking God for His kindness. My chachee too would take his turn to hold me with Rudra bhai looking on. Last but not the least,my mom would take me in her arms and it was truly an amazing experience to be held by her for the first time after keeping me inside her womb for 9 months. The soft cuddle and the touchy sensation was once in a life time experience. I was living that moment fully and completely. Everyone’s eyes were talking to me and I was responding to them in my own way.

The room was completely filled with love, joy, excitement and gratitude. It was the space that I was waiting for long in general and since 9.17 am in particular. My father would enter the room and find him lost for words. He touched me and held me with care and love; prayers on his lips. If I were to describe all this experience in one sentence, I would say- truly a divine experience to be surrounded by my loved ones with expressions of love, care, happiness and gratitude to God. Life outside is wonderful.

My chacha would join us soon; he is an expert in holding kids and held me with such precision and care. He too was an expression of love and would become the first person to gift me- A hundred rupee note; something I am going to cherish throughout my life.

Later, we all would be joined by my Mamta auntie (my mother’s sister), Sunil uncle, Shubham Bhaiya and Riya didi. My auntie would take me into her arms and bless me. My total kitty would soon grow to Rs 200- 100% growth in a span of an hour and that too in such a severe economic downturn……

Now I am looking forward to the visit of Renu Bua, Rakesh Mama and Ridhima didi which would be next day i.e. 4th Nov.

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