Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

I may be called “Sweet Sixteen” as I have completed 16 days today. It is just a matter of time when I will be 16 months old & then 16 years old. You know I find it strange that everyone gives lot of importance to latter years teen i.e. completion of 16 years while completely ignoring the formers. Don’t know why? But, then who cares… as I am going to give this event its share of importance. Since I can’t speak, I chose a completely different way of making them hear my wish.

I first made my father wake up early and doing that is so easy- I just have to start crying. Mom was already up as she was trying to make me go to sleep. But, determined me was focused on getting the message across to everyone. My father had no choice but to talk to me and while doing that he himself mentioned that I am now a grown-up kid of 16 days and should not cry that often. I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that he is counting the number of days since I was born; though I still think that it is no big deal as he is a numbers guy.

I decided to take a quick nap as I was bit tired; after all I am just 16 day old. But I knew that I had an unfinished task on my hand- i.e. making my father commit cutting a cake for my special day. As my father was doing his daily morning pooja (prayers) & touched my head to pass on God’s blessings to me; he noticed a boil on my head. He called up both, my dadee and my mom. Everyone got worried; so my mom called up the Mannan uncle who told them to bring me to hospital for checkup. My dadee, papa and mom took me to Mannan uncle, who cleaned up the boil with the help of sprit. He instructed them not to put a woolen cap on my head. You know, I didn’t cry at all throughout this incident…. Why???? Answer is simple, it was my way of telling them that I have indeed grown up to be a 16 days old and they must celebrate it. Telepathy worked and my father promised me that he is going to cut a small cake in the evening. I am happy and contended now......

"Third trimester" will follow this post later tonight.

PS: That attached picture is of my Sweet Sixteen cake with 16 candles around.I am extremely happy......

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