Monday, November 17, 2008

My First Trimester

People say that first trimester during one's pregnancy is a tough one and expectant mothers should take an adequate care of themselves. But in keeping with my promise to be different, I allowed my mother carry on with her normal day-to-day activities without any worries.

Time had come for my first ultrasounds and my parents chose Jaideep uncle for that. Doctor uncle told them that based on his calculations, I should arrive on 11th Nov. He also mentioned that my weight is slightly less than what it should have been at that stage. This really left my parents scared who then decided to return for ultrasound again in a weeks time. This time my dadee too was there with my parents. To their relief, my next ultrasound showed further growth and smile was back on their grim faces. All along this, I knew that I am growing; yet was helpless to tell them not to worry.

Then came visit to Dr Aunty Rashmi Makhija and she too said that everything is normal. One more ultrasound followed previous two and I kept my growth momentum on. Dr Uncle told my parents that I have picked up growth and is now running ahead of schedule. Another proof that I am a devoted kid and was making up for that initial anxiety that I had caused to my parents.

1st trimester soon got over and smile broadened further on my parent's faces.

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