Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mom's Anxiety

You know my mom is a picture of liveliness and joy in abundance. Hear her talk when she is at her lively best and you will not be able to stop yourself from equating her energy to that of a 10 year old kid ..........However, for past few days her anxiety has outgrown her....She is feeling inundated with work that has tight delivery schedules besides the pressure of motherhood duties.....and the anxiety is written all over her face.....just goes on to show what motherhood pressure can do to a person. She is coping with it and seeing her do that leaves me in no doubt that only woman possesses the necessary wherewithal to do that. Though, my mom is being assisted by everyone at home- my dada and dadee has come to stay with us, chachee is there too and so is my papa....But it is time she wins over that inner tussle and get back to her lively self again.....

My papa is still recovering from his fever and was at home today.........but then every-time I used to cry he would let my dada put me to sleep.......yes he did change my nappies and assisted my dadee dress me up for the evening.....and the occasion was a visit to my mom’s office to pick her up.......papa chose my dress and mom was in for a surprise as she was not expecting me to wear that one......a sky blue coloured top, blue dangree and a matching hat.....huh papa should have clicked the picture.....

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