Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Third Trimester-1st Month

Third trimester was the most exciting but dreadful phase and it began in Aug with the visit of my sister from Uganda- Ridhima didi,my Renu Bua & Rakesh mama (my auntie-uncle). My father is very attached to his sisters. In fact, Reveda name given by my father has its roots in that attachment only. My Renu Bua was visiting us for Rakhee(a festival celebrated by brothers and sisters). Rinki auntie, my father's sister of 30 years too came to our Gurgaon home. We all kids celebrated Rakhee together with Rudra (my uncle's son) and Pihu didi (Rinki auntie's daughter); albeit I was inside my mother's womb. My dada-dadee were with us in Gurgaon only.Since Iam talking about brothers & sisters; I must mention my Veda Bua here- she is my father's sister of 9 years from Indiana-US and very close indeed. I will write more about her later when I tell you about story behind my name-Reveda.Back to my Ridhima didi, who is so cute, just like a can even spot her easily in a crowd of thousands...I am sure we will make an excellent troika with our bhai Rudra,an ever smiling brother.

Visits to doctors continued as usual and mom's overnight back-aches kept their pace on with my development inside. My mother would often turn to Rakesh uncle & Vaishali auntie for advice during this phase. Both of them were in the different stages of parenthood. Rakesh uncle-my father's closest friend of 16 yrs and his wife (Deepu auntie)had twins in May; while Vaishali auntie (wife of Chetan uncle- my father's other close friend)was nearing her delivery. Besides, she had an army of advisors/counsellors in my Dadee, Renu bua, Rinki bua, Veda-bua.....

The 1st month of third trimester ended on 5th Sep and coincided with the birth of Tanmaya, Chetan uncle-Vaisali aunties's son. I now was two months away from my much awaited entry into the world.

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