Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vaccination Day

17 December is my Vaccination day and my mother would help me get ready early. She would put my green coloured top on me; I seem to have developed some kind of fascination for this top. We would then reach Doon Valley Hospital in my nana's car; where I am given two different vaccines-Pentorium (combination vaccine for DTP and other diseases)and Rotarix (read more at- My vaccination was bit painful and it will unsettle me from that point onwards for the rest of the day. I would cry more frequently than I usually do. My worried mother would give me crocin drops as she feels that I am feverish. I guess mothers tend to worry more as I could hear my father telling my mother over phone that it is normal for kids to feel so after vaccination. I too feel that this one day long inconvenience is nothing in front of the mental peace and comfort these vaccines helps bring for the rest of my life.

In the end, one noticeable incident that I must mention here is that today my highly disorganised father booked his to and fro train ticket between New Delhi and Dehradun- full 2 days in advance. Trust me, it is an absolutely amazing achievement for him- must have required lot of effort and dedication from him......

Good job indeed my dad!

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