Thursday, February 12, 2009

Everyone Busy @ My Nana's

Everyone is busy at my nana's place these days as my Sunil uncle is getting engaged on 14th. Hectic preparations are on for the event.......But I am happy for an altogether different reason; which is that despite all the hoopla around the coming 14th, I am my mom's "Priority no. 1". Truly makes me happy as anyone who knows my mom well enough would know that she is one of the best examples of complete turn-around- A story of a Tom-boy girl's metamorphosis into a devoted mom.

My papa is coming to Dehradun for the engagement....It is almost 3 weeks since I met him and I am sure engagement is just a reason for him to be here with me. Besides, I am sure that I am going to be my mom & dad's Valentine this time. You don't have to be lovers to celebrate Valentine's day.....

You know my dada-dadee had gone to our ancestral village in Garhwal-140 kms from Dehradun. They came back today evening after a whirlwind 2 day visit....But they were happy as it was after long they went to our village. They told me that it snowed very heavily in our village..In fact, weather change was sudden; even Mussoorie hills got its first snowfall of the season yesterday only.....Nearby snow capped hills are looking so good...a treat to visual eyes...

More on this later...

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