Monday, July 20, 2009

I am Running Fever.....

....since early Monday morning.......Actually, this fever bug in our house first caught hold of my Rudra bhai; he is running fever for past 3 days. Now, it seems that he has passed on the same to me........or should I say that the cruel bacteria or virus (whatever the case may be) was increasingly getting jealous of me and my immunity system.........So, it chose to hit me using an unlikely carrier- my Rudra bhai's morning kisses.......

Never mind! I will be fine and am not going to let this bacteria or virus come in the way of my brother's morning greetings; I love to hear him say- "Chooooooooooo cshweeeeet!"- 1st update posted Monday afternoon at around 4 pm.

Edited to add: Latest update- Seeing no improvement in my situation even after administering one dose of paracetamol; my worried parents took me to my doctor. His clinic was already full with an average waiting time of close to an hour; it seems lot of other kids have also been affected by this virus......

By the time my turn came, I was already running 101F fever. However, my doctor didn't find it alarming and said that my fever will go away in next three days.....He prescribed me some medicines for that duration. I have already taken my first dose of those medicines and am feeling much better now. My smile is back; watery eyes and running nose notwithstanding!
In addition to my cheerful smile, my boisterous shouting is also back......... You can actually hear me shout in the following video; only if you un-mute your speakers.

Edited again on Tuesday morning at 2.15 am- Imagine an eight and half old month kid running fever in excess of 101F in the hot and humid month of July; there is no electricity supply for past 4 hours and your power back up which was good for only two hours has already given up..........How do you expect parents of that kid to react? Let me answer this from my own experience as that kid was none other than me........

Understanding the importance of electricity supply restoration in the given situation, my father first tried his best to get in touch with the DLF and the electricity department officials over phone......After his failure to establish those contacts, he decided to physically visit DLF office........That too went in vain as there was no one else but an operator sitting there to take calls. This lackadaisical attitude on the part of DLF blew his top and the person in charge of maintenance at DLF had to bear the brunt of his anger and frustration over phone. That man must be thanking his stars for not being physically present in front of my father in that mood of anger and rage. All along this, mom was doing her best to reduce my temperature by using wet cotton the candle light using a book as a fan.........

Later, my mom suggested my father to take me inside our car.......It was a good decision as I took no time to go back to sleep after getting inside the car........Mom and papa too were sleepy, but they decided against that as car ignition was on......After 10 minutes, my Ashu chacha called up to inform that electricity current has been restored. This left me wondering as to why we didn’t choose this option earlier!

I am back in my own bed sleeping comfortably as fever has subsided; wet cotton pads definitely helped!

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