Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nature's Best Show

15th July 2009 is by far nature’s best show in little more than eight months- oh...that’s my age my dear!

Today, I have witnessed everything-an overcast sky, rains, thundershowers, lightening and best of them all “a rainbow”- nature’s best work of an art on a huge blue canvas! What a great sight it was and all in a day’s time!

As I was enjoying the sight, so I would crawl upto our main entrance door at every opportunity. It took long for my mom to figure out the reason for my frequent detour towards the main entrance. I don’t blame her as she has witnessed nature’s show many times in the past. But, what actually helped her demystify my mystery crawls upto the main door was the knowledge of my favourite spots in the house.........As soon as she figured it out right, we were out on the road on a rickshaw towards DT Mega Mall........

Sitting upright on my mom’s lap, I was loving the soft touch of cool breeze blowing at my face..........Hearing me purr would have surely invited some envious looks from any cat..........We reached mall in no time or should I say that pleasant weather got us lost in time. Later, we were joined by my father at the mall. When in good mood, my mom shops a lot and today was no different- she will now have to allot some extra space for my clothes in her wardrobe. no, they came back home tired at around 9 pm.

An overcast sky and a fresh spate of monsoon showers mean that pleasant and cooler than normal night has extended an early invitation to everyone towards its lap. My tired parents are ready to accept the invitation barely trying to keep their eyes open........Our room clock has already announced the timely arrival of Thursday.........Still, I am in no mood to go to bed.........................but then the invitation was too good to be missed........I didn’t even know when I accepted it; neither do my parents!

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