Friday, July 24, 2009

When I Went To Mom's Office!

Everyone, who follow my blog would know that my mom is working from home these days. Friday evenings are however different as she is required to be in office for her weekly conference calls. ..... Generally, my father fills in the void while she is gone for those calls. But, today was different as my papa couldn't make it to home on time. By the time he got free from work, I was already on my way to my mom's office; obviously with my mom............

At work, I didn't have to go much far to meet my mom's colleagues as all of them were downstairs celebrating a birthday party......First one to meet me were Ajay and Mitesh uncle followed by Soma, Rupinder, Sabina, Sunayana and Mona aunty.......Soma aunty, then took me to second floor where I met Prashant, Subodh, Subir, Subbu. Karthik, Manish, Tejinder uncle & Priya aunty........Prashant uncle offered me a grape, which I gulped in no time. He also said something that always make my papa happy- "She is a copy of Alok." A people person, that I am was at complete ease while interacting with everyone; while girl in me was happy being the centre of attraction........ Observing me, my actions and responses was someone who was basking in her own glory- "Glory of being a mom"....... Postponement of her conference call to Monday helped......

As I was hungry, so my mom called up papa to tell him to pick us from her office.......As we were driving back home, I couldn't help but wonder at the thoughtfulness of mothers......... Faced with the similar situation as my mom did earlier in the evening, my papa would have taken a leave rather than taking me to his office........

Later, we also went to Ruchi bua's place to meet her family......You know badey mamaji (Ruchi bua's father) calls me "Good Gul." I guess he is right! But, what do you think?

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