Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain-Rain Come Again!

Finally, there is some good news on the weather front; monsoons have arrived in Gurgaon after city recorded its first monsoon showers yesterday. These rains have not only brought down the soaring temperatures but have also helped give a refreshing look to the trees, roads and the houses. Suddenly, everything is looking fresh and clean; even the air smells different.

Every “colour” looks so different...........It's a pleasure looking at "greens" on trees after the rains........

In other words, Rains are transformational! They transform everything that come there way; even human beings of all ages, colour, status, religion etc!

But, such is the power of personal prejudices that everything will soon get back to normal; again ......... The earth, the trees, houses and people .......even air will start to smell stale ........And, all the freshness will be gone; but for now let's keep enjoying it.....

All I can do now is to wait for fresh rains............... rain-rain come again!

Edited to add: The rains have motivated me to change the banner of my blog.......Go and have a look in a short while..

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